squatGetting a good cardio workout while traveling can be difficult unless you have planned for it before leaving, such as…
• what equipment you need to bring (if any)
• which hotels have fitness centers
• the time of day you will exercise
• your fitness routine.
This article offers insight onto each of the above.

What Equipment to Bring

If you are traveling by air, and with the current baggage weight restrictions, most of the time it isn’t practical to bring heavy fitness equipment such as dumbbells, however, you most likely have room for a set of one or two pound wrist weights. In a pinch you can even use a couple of 16-ounce bottles of water. And of course a jump rope weighs almost nothing and doesn’t take up much space at all.

Hotels With Fitness Centers

Before you go, be sure to research which hotels on your itinerary have fitness centers. If they all do, then you most likely have access to all the equipment you will need for a good cardio workout. Most hotels also have swimming pools, so you can also do water aerobics or swim laps. If you are into walking or jogging (while wearing your hand weights), be sure to ask when you check in if they can recommend any good (i.e. safe) routes to take. …
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About Mikayla Martinsen

I'm a single mother of two with an MBA degree, but I choose to work from home rather than climb the corporate American ladder because I’m hopelessly in love with my kids. I’ve got a passion for health and fitness and enjoy sharing it with the world to help others reach their weight loss goals!

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